Chase what makes you happy & healthy. 

My name is Caroline and I found myself living in New York on a whim after growing up in South Carolina and spending a few years in New Orleans and Washington, DC. 

 I've had a pretty unique upbringing, with half of my family originating in the South, the land of fried chicken and Paula Deen, and the other half of my family being organic farmers in Vermont.  My first two years in New York were marked by a stressful and anxiety ridden job and an unhealthy lifestyle. I was unhappy at work and after long days, I always ended up ordering takeout and watching Netflix until going to sleep. Last year when visiting our family farm, after spending a week completely disconnected from the outside world, I had somewhat of a wakeup call. If I wanted a better life, I would have to make the changes myself. The week I returned to New York, I started Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide and created a fitness Instagram to hold myself accountable. 

Little did I know, making one small change by introducing exercise would lead to many big changes. I took control of my happiness and found a new job where employees are valued and celebrated. I started cooking my own food and learned to make better decisions when eating out. I made new friends (from Instagram, who knew?) who have been an amazing support system. And I've found a love for fitness and adventure that I never thought I could have. 

Even though I've come a long way, I still have a lot to learn. While, I'm not a certified fitness or nutrition expert, I firmly believe that having the knowledge to live your best life shouldn't require a degree. I started this blog to share my journey in hopes that it inspires you to chase after health and happiness. I'd love to hear from you too, so please leave a comment, follow me on social media, or email me at caroline@callenfit.com.